We’ve done much to address hunger in the United States through our KNOW Hunger initiatives. We’ve donated more than 94 million pounds of food since 2000, and we remain committed to these efforts. By taking what we know to other corners of the globe that have far fewer resources than we do in the United States, we hope to help address the need for sustainable food sources to feed the world’s growing population and achieve a more stable world economy.

The first official project of the Tyson Foods Fellows™ program is a partnership with World Vision, to share our knowledge about poultry animal husbandry with Family Farmers in the northern Babati region of Tanzania. Similar to the work we’ve done in Rwanda, our Fellows will visit the country four times per year and provide technical assistance and advice to World Vision agronomists, as well as the local Tanzanians. They’ll help educate the local farmers on best breed selection, keeping water clean, best feed choices, housing and disease management, as well as processing, transportation, and marketing.


The Eastern Africa country of Tanzania has an economy heavily based in agriculture, but its lack of resources, infrastructure, and technical know-how creates significant barriers for farmers supporting a single family in the market. We want to teach them what we know. Nearly 40 percent of the population doesn’t have enough to eat, 42 percent of children in the country face serious malnutrition, and many of the country’s regions have chronic food deficits. We have the unique ability to share what we know about raising poultry, and we believe that can make a difference.